Looking for a place to ring in the New Year in Buffalo?

newyearssosmThis New Year’s Eve, why not ring in the new year at church? Sword of the Spirit Ministries of Buffalo is having a New Year’s Eve Candlelight Service on Tuesday, December 31st, starting at 10pm, and you’re invited. Sword of the Spirit is known for lively praise and worship music, as well as prophetic voices sharing “the word of the Lord” for 2014. Be encouraged; come to this celebratory event. Sword of the Spirit is located at 300 Kensington Avenue in Buffalo, New York. You can visit www.sosmchurch.com to find out more about the church, or “like” them on Facebook.

Lockport Prayer Walks 2013

Does prayer change things? Christians would say, “Yes!”

Lockport…for so long…has been a place that, to put it nicely, “needs prayer.” There are a lot of broken homes, people struggling financially and emotionally, alcoholism, depression, drugs. Sadly, this isn’t justĀ  the case for Lockport; it’s all over towns and cities of America. However, God is bigger than all our problems. And faith in Him can “move mountains.” So, with that in mind, “prayer walks” just might help Lockport be a more positive place…

Lockport Christian Church is taking church to the streets, which is ideally what every church should be doing these days, rather than being inward focused; members and friends of the church will be walking around Lockport in 2013 declaring blessings for the businesses and people in the area. At Main and Market Streets, they’ll be walking together, praying, on April 21st, after Sunday service. They also will walk May 26th, June 30th, July 28th, August 25th and September 29th.

The church is on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/lockportcc

Carman is coming in concert to the Buffalo area April 26th

Carman is coming to the Buffalo area for a concert! The date? Friday, April 26th. The time? 7pm. The place? Evangel Assembly of God at 8180 Greiner Road in Clarence/Williamsville. Hosted by Wheatfield Community Church, you can call 716-553-3794 for tickets in advance. Here are the details:

carmanconcertHere’s a video to check out:

Are you prepared to die?

margaretOn Thursday evening while bowling with my husband, a gentleman on the next pair of alleys collapsed. CPR was administered, 911 called. In that moment my first instinct was to pray– something that has always comforted whether in time of need or not.

We have since learned the man died that night. How sad that he kissed his wife goodbye and she had no idea it would be for the last time. Makes you think doesn’t it? No one knows the time or the hour. We are all put on this earth for a limited time.

Death isn’t something any of us like to think about, really, but I do want to make sure I am spiritually prepared for what’s to come. I pray for a long, happy life and to do God’s will while I’m here. I’ve found myself in some pretty sticky situations along the way, but always had the strength and wisdom I needed to get through.

I just finished a bible study on living a lifestyle pleasing to God. Some of the topics we discussed were: handling anger, dealing with difficult people, finding happiness, living with integrity, changing the world around you, how to pray, how to stop worrying and start living. This study reminded me how I want to live and be seen by others.

During this holy Easter time, draw closer to God, and do your best to obey His commands. He has given us great rules to live by and yet our world is a mess. Reach out to loved ones, search your heart and soul, grow spiritually, and encourage others. For anyone who is a skeptic, that’s ok. Do some research, go deeper!

Easter Blessings to all :)

See Good Friday Together Buffalo pictures and half hour video

Good Friday Together Buffalo was the first time “the Church at Buffalo” gathered together en masse. In a historic moment for the region, whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians were all in one giant room together, getting along like brothers and sisters, singing together, hugging one another, and celebrating Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. If you weren’t there, you missed a momentous, memorable, utterly amazing event.

That said, I was there and took lots of pictures and videos, so you, too, could experience it, after the fact. I spent a lot of time creating a 1/2 hour video that will give you a great idea of what was said, and what the place looked like on Good Friday 2013. –Mark Weber