Uncut Stones

Uncut Stones started out like most Christian bands: they had a desire to share the gospel with the world. At first, they were stuck in Christian circles, sharing the gospel with people who already knew it.

It wasn’t until a music promotion company contacted them through Facebook to play in a battle of the bands at the Tralf Music Hall that they realized how this one night would change their musical direction forever.

“It was all punk bands and heavy metal music; even the promoter had a Satan tattoo,” says one band member.

So, Uncut Stones has since made the effort to play bars and night clubs around Western New York, bringing the gospel to people who don’t normally know or care about it.

The band has a new CD out this year called We Will Rise Up. It features Aimee Reid-Sych, Will McFarlane and Nathan Salter.

If you’d like to hear them live and in person, visit The Tabernacle, 3210 Southwestern Blvd. in Orchard Park, NY, on January 31st for their 7pm concert. –Buffalo Christian


Brothers McClurg’s Buffalo Christian video “You Shine Through”

Buffalo is blessed and fortunate to have young musicians who love the Lord and desire to see people’s lives positively impacted by the Good News of Jesus Christ in the city. Brothers McClurg (Anthony and Chris) lead several others in this touching video for their song “You Shine Through,” which features several Western New Yorkers whom you might know. It’s an awesome song, the kind that should be sung in churches weekly.