Need a Biblical Counselor in the Buffalo, NY area?

Corey Nieman writes…

When it comes to spiritual care, sometimes people may recognize they need help, but feel like they can’t afford it…Other times people may not see the value in getting help, and don’t invest in it.

In response to these obstacles I am offering (1) free session, per person, to those who are looking for a hand-up and not a hand-out….at In His Name Outreach in Cheektowaga, NY.

I serve as a Biblical counselor, life coach, recovery coach, and discipleship mentor, for both couples and individuals. I work daytime, evening, and weekend hours, and am also available for online sessions via Skype. So please share this around, print it out, pass it on, then email me directly at to take advantage of this limited time offer…Thank you!

In His Name Outreach is a non-profit, charitable, faith-based resource center dedicated to building and restoring the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of our community. –Buffalo Christian

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