Share a Prayer

With so many people “on their phones” most of the day these days, it makes sense that technology could and should be used for positive things, such as sharing prayers…

Pray Forward, Inc., the company behind the Christian Social Media community, Share A Prayer, is excited to announce the results of its year-end forensic and market evaluation.

“The numbers and data are staggering,” stated co-founder Joseph Bellissimo. “The Share A Prayer App has changed the way people gather and pray.”

As of December 31, 2015, the Share A Prayer brand of applications, including the Share A Prayer App for iOS and the Facebook Desktop App, reached over 106,000,000 people in one year. Weekly impressions skyrocketed 1214% from an average of 15,708 to 206,511. Engaged users rose to 8,773,967.

The most telling and impressive data shows active participation has reached a wildly-popular pace with weekly average engaged users jumping from 598 to 20,184, reflecting a 3275% increase. Subscribers have soared at an astronomical rate as well, with year-end registered subscribers at 117,000.

“Daily, Christians around the world have not only embraced the brand but more importantly made it part of their daily life,” stated Bellissimo. The organic data has grown exponentially, strongly reflecting the deep and devout following of Share A Prayer. More encouraging for both Share A Prayer and Christianity, despite media reports to the contrary, is how the the youth of the world have aggressively embraced the brand, with Share A Prayer’s following consisting of over 80% from the coveted 18-34 age group.

Share A Prayer is providing a faith tool so that Christians everywhere can share bible verses, thoughts and prayers with a personal message and photograph. Whether it is an inspirational psalm with a personal photograph as the background or passage from the New Testament placed over an image of Christ, the faithful are using Share A Prayer to bridge distances and connect with others to pray together. 

The Share A Prayer Apps and tools offer multiple prayer categories, each containing a database of prayers, inspirational thoughts, bible verses and greetings to show friends and family that you are thinking about them. Categories include Thinking of You, Birthdays, Pet Sympathy, Sympathy, Get Well Soon, Birth, Wedding, Sacraments, and Congratulations with the expansion of additional prayer categories to coincide with religious holidays. The “one-touch” sharing of the App permits users to send or post a customized prayer, bible verse or message just by pressing the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email or text icon for whichever medium they desire – “Press & Pray!”

Share A Prayer is Bellissimo’s most passionate project. A practicing Catholic and active parishioner himself, he was inspired by people praying for one another on social media, and wanted to create applications and tools that give individuals the opportunity to share meaningful prayers and greetings with one another via their desktop and mobile devices through text, email or Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Available on Facebook, in the App Store and at, Share A Prayer is available for free. A Spanish version is coming soon. –BuffaloChristian