Lockport Alliance Church

What to Expect on Sunday

When Do I Come?

Sunday morning service time is 10:30am.  Before the service at 9:15,  we offer LIFE Hour (Sunday School) classes for all ages (nursery through senior citizens).  There is ample parking and greeters at the door waiting to welcome you.  Visit our Guest Connection Center to pick up a Visitor Packet and the Coffee Connection to receive a free coffee mug before or after the service.

What Do I Bring?

Our Pastors teach from the Bible so if you have one bring it with you to help you follow along.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry – the Pastor will give you the page references to the Bibles provided at your seat.

What Do I Wear?

There is no dress code here at Lockport Alliance (LAC).  Some prefer to wear their “Sunday best”, while many people wear comfortable casual clothes.  Our concern is that you’re comfortable and ready to worship the Lord so don’t worry about what you wear.

Where Do I Go When I Arrive?

There are two main entrances to the church.  One in front on High Street and the other is where the large parking lot is located behind the church.  There is an entrance on High Street and two others on Davison Road.  Greeters will be at the main entrance to welcome you.  If you enter the parking lot entrance, the worship center and restrooms are on your left and the Coffee Connection is on your right.  Please take the opportunity to check the Ministry Stations outside of the sanctuary or to stop by the Coffee Connection.  You can pick up a visitor packet at the Guest Connection Center.

Where Do My Kids Go?

Children are welcome to join the worship segment at the beginning of the service.  Children grades 1 through 5 will be dismissed for KIDS Church during the latter part of the service.

For infants through toddlers – your children will go to the rooms off the main entrances.  There are signs to guide you.

For ages 2 through 6th grade – your children will go downstairs to the Kids Zone to the age-designated classrooms.  Ask any teacher in the Kids’ Zone for more information.  Your children will be registered and will be returned to only you at the end of the service.

Youth, grades 7 through 12 at 9:15am – boys will go to the Administration Center located off the main parking lot.  Girls will go downstairs to the first room on the right hand side past the restrooms. Each class offers trained leaders and lessons to engage your youth.

What About Security?

Security is a top priority here at LAC.  Each child will be registered before entering any classroom.  All leaders have received training and appropriate background/reference checks.  We offer parents a beeper when they leave their children and our leaders can page you during the service if there is a need.  Children are only returned to the person returning the beeper.  We do our very best to ensure the safety of you and your family.