Eastern Hills Wesleyan

Engaging Every Person to Become a Passionate Follower of Jesus Christ

Our Core Values: ENGAGE

Eternal truth: The Bible is our source of truth.

New Heart: Our relationship with Jesus changes us, making us want to follow Him.

God’s Grace: We receive the forgiveness of our sins and compassion to love others.

Authentic Living: We live like Jesus no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Growing Relationships: We intentionally grow in relationship to God, our family, and the lives we touch.

Everyone Equipped: To study the Bible themselves, serve others, and have spiritual conversations.

What does it mean to be a Passionate Follower?

A passionate follower is one who is learning, responding to and living by theETERNAL TRUTHS found in the Bible.

In response to Jesus’ call, a passionate follower has a NEW HEART, having Jesus as the center of their life.

A passionate follower has experienced and is a dispenser of the GRACE OF GOD through the Holy Spirit, forgiving and being forgiven; trusting and being trustworthy; receiving mercy and showing it to others.

A passionate follower AUTHENTICALLY LIVES out what they say they believe. They are in public and private who they say they are.

A passionate follower is constantly GROWING IN RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, with other believers and with their family and friends. They are intentional in building relationships with people, seeking the best for everyone they meet.

Finally a passionate follower is one who is EQUIPPED and seeking to help others be equipped to study the Bible for themselves, to use their unique gifts and personality to serve others, and to confidently have spiritual conversations with others about Jesus.