The Teacher’s Desk provides pencils for Buffalo school kids

The Teacher’s Desk will be giving away 10 pencils to each and every Buffalo Public School student to give them a good start to the school year. That would be 345,000 pencils.  During the 2013-2014 academic year, The Teacher’s Desk, located at 22 Northampton St. in Buffalo, serves 3700 teachers, 205 schools, and 84,000 students with donated school supplies and more. Teachers who work in schools where poverty is rampant end up at The Teacher’s Desk where they fill up carts of school supplies– typically $800 worth per shopping trip– and take all that stuff to their school for FREE! Almost $3 million dollars worth of supplies have been donated/collected for school teachers in Buffalo, and lovingly put in a store-like space for teachers to come and get the things their students need to succeed at learning. Over 15,000 volunteer hours make The Teacher’s Desk happen. The ministry has even been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, for doing such amazing things in Buffalo. For more info, email

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