Parkside Lutheran in Buffalo


Parkside Lutheran is experiencing new life in Buffalo under the leadership of 28-year-old Pastor Nate Preisinger. He and the congregation are more open than ever to connecting with the people around the area– thru having them utilize space in the building, as well as going to area homes and organizations to do service projects to help those in need.

Located at Linden and Wallace in North Buffalo, Parkside Lutheran has been around for decades. Pastor Nate is married with two little kids, so he brings a youthful, family-oriented feel to the church and community. Indeed, the church is attracting young families nowadays.

If you’re old school Lutheran, go on Sunday morning for the organ music and liturgy. If you’re a hippie or a hipster and/or consider yourself spiritual, then go Thursday nights for the non-traditional service where people actually talk with one another and visual elements are incorporated into the conversational sermons.

Nice to see an old building with young leadership, new attendees, and the potential to become a community-oriented asset in North Buffalo!



One thought on “Parkside Lutheran in Buffalo”

  1. Thank you for all you have done for my voice, and what you have tauht me so far can’t wait to see what is next !!!

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