God’s Not Dead movie

godsnotdead This movie is phenomenal.

Finally… Hollywood producers have discovered good wholesome faith-based movies can be made and actually sell BIG TIME.

This movie has intrigue, suspense, humor and action. It will make you laugh and cry, as well as wonder and contemplate “what if there is a God” if you don’t believe OR  ask yourself “what evidence do I display that I am a Christian?” OR “is my own testimony something to tell the world of nonbelievers?” And if not now…then when?

The task becomes what do we as Christians do with the message? Do we keep the light under a bushel or follow Matthew 28:18-20 and…”go forth and make disciples in all nations?”

Absolutely see this movie.

It has the perfect message for Easter…God’s Not Dead…He is risen and alive in us today. –Rob Stevens

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