Ben Sauer: a 4-year-old captures the hearts of millions #BlueForBen

Ben Sauer
Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer is waiting on a miracle from the Lord. In the interim, despite his brain tumor, or perhaps because of it, this 4-year-old boy has impacted millions of people. The #BlueForBen campaign (since blue is his favorite color) has seen numerous Buffalo buildings bathed in blue light at night– even  the Peace Bridge and Niagara Falls, too. Last weekend at The Chapel at CrossPoint swarms of people came to show their support for The Sauer Family. You simply must read Ben’s mom’s blog; her name is Mindy, she loves the Lord, and she writes from the heart about all that she and her family are going through. Countless people are praying for Ben, and his name is all over Facebook as people from all backgrounds rally together to let The Sauer Family know they care. No one wants to see a little child pass away. Ben Sauer represents every parent’s child, and one thing is for sure– the love of a parent for his or her child knows no bounds, just like God, Our Father, has unending love for each one of us through the loving sacrifice of Christ on the cross. –Mark Weber


One thought on “Ben Sauer: a 4-year-old captures the hearts of millions #BlueForBen”

  1. Get well very soon you got the hearts of millions who want you to get very better. Everyone is praying for you and your family so that you can get better.

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