Arise night of worship at the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda


Hey, remember when 13,000 area Christians got together for “Good Friday Together” last Easter, at the First Niagara Center? It was an awesome coming together of churches and people that normally would never associate with one another.

In the past, the Buffalo region had been SO DIVIDED such that every little church was its own fiefdom, and they rarely communicated with one another! However, thank God, literally, that THAT mentality, which kept us down for so long, has been lifted, and now churches are actually cooperating with one another in a new found spirit of togetherness. After all, there’s just one Jesus and these churches seek Him, so wouldn’t it make sense to pool resources together to see positive change come to our region, with God’s divine help?!


If you like the idea of coming together with other people who want to worship Christ thru music, then you and your friends are welcome at the Arise worship night at the Riviera Theatre in downtown North Tonawanda (the Canalfest area). Get this– there will be musicians from 6 area churches!

Starting at 7pm on Friday, Feb. 7th, this FREE event will feature:

Kenmore Alliance
St. Bart’s Anglican
Calvary Baptist
Knox Presbyterian
Tonawanda Free Methodist
New Covenant

…and then everyone will join together at the end to sing “In Christ Alone,” accompanied by the Mighty Wurlitzer organ!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: this Buffalo winter has been ROUGH. It’s colder than Alaska. You’ve been indoors, hibernating. It’s time to get out of your house and get together with other human beings and give God some praise and worship. It’s going to be a blessed night– be there! –Mark Weber