Singing Christmas songs

Go Tell It On The Mountain… In the Malls and Stores Too

While walking through one of the stores yesterday, I noticed there wasn’t any music playing over head, so I naturally starting singing for a bit of entertainment. “Go Tell It On The Mountain” was the song I sang, because I’d just heard it and it was in my head at the time. As I rounded the corner going into electronics I broke out with “Silent Night.” Heading for check-out “Mary Did You Know” was on my playlist. (My daughters say I do not need an iPod–I’ve got one in my head!)

Walking through the parking lot it hit me that instead of moaning and complaining about the commercialization of Christmas, we should be the cheerful, joyful communicators who convey the true meaning of Christmas to the stressed-out shoppers around us. Now is the time to share the Good News with people in the marketplace who love this time of year and listen non-stop when radio stations are playing 24-hour Christmas songs. Radio isn’t necessarily playing songs that convey the true reason for the season…

So this season, if you happen to hear someone singing “Fall on your knees…” it might be me, or perhaps you would join me in this stealth evangelism and spread the cheerful and joyful news that “For unto us a child is born.” Sharing the Good News from the mountain, in the malls and the stores? It’s a good thing to do!

Sean F. Brennan

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