Jennifer Bliss, missionary in Mostar

blissA Buffalo-based overseas missionary friend-of-mine has been serving faithfully in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her name is Jennifer Bliss, and some of you may know her from Love Joy Gospel Church in Lancaster, NY.

She recently wrote about her experiences there:

“I went with four of our young people at the end of September to a youth conference in Sarajevo. The theme was Mission Impossible, and the speaker spoke a lot about the Christian life, and how it is mission impossible without God, but with God all things are possible. A month later a Balkan-wide youth event took place called Srcokret. This is a play on words from the Bosnian word suncokret for sunflower which literally means turning to the sun, srcokret means turning of the heart. Four young people from our church attended.

In January, there will be another youth conference in Mostar. Please pray for the planning of this conference that it won’t just be another youth conference, but something that will build on what they have already received and help them grow closer to God and reach out to their nation.”

Bliss also wrote that the Evangelical Church of Mostar has been teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how to speak English. Bliss is one of the English teachers and says it allows her to build relationships with students and invite them to other activities at the church.

If you would like to contact Jennifer Bliss, email