When and why did you lose your faith?

cropped-southbuffalo-235.jpgRecently, a WBEN talk show host asked people, on Facebook, when and why did they lose their religious faith. He got some very interesting responses. Read them over, and if you want to leave a comment, go ahead and do so.

  • Nordic Frost Grade School. I was smart enough to figure out there there is no god.
  • Kevin Szprygada When church tried to force my brother and sister to volunteer for bingo games as a “requisite” for their children to attend private catholic school-huh? Yea-right!
  • Andrew Elsie I realized magic wasn’t real.
  • Rick Lange Sr. When I started to think and reason things on my own.
  • Chris Chapman Funny, it was recently that I FOUND my Faith.
  • Elizabeth Marinaccio Nitzer I’ve never lost my faith I’ve just revamped it. i’m still RC BUT!!!! I believe more then half the laws of the church are man made as long as your a good person kind loving honest and pay it forward i believe that is what is desired of us as people. I do HATE when people say i hate the RC church because of the actions of individuals. including the Vatican. things they say they hate are a direct result of people not the faith or God. so get over it and move on there are much larger issues like America heading for the crapper.
  • Judy Hales Ostrowski Kaczmarek Because of the pedophiles in the Catholic Church, and the fact that it was just swept under the rug. I have no reason to return to the church. I believe in God, but this is a serious issue for me.
  • Terrance P. Winkler Only in so called organized religion .for me organized religion seem too much like a political,party!
  • Gia Arnold Middle school
  • Chad Neal Never lost my faith, just which stories I choose to believe. Every single religion has something worth believing. He has a plan = Fate.
  • Elizabeth Marinaccio Nitzer Perfect example Kevin Szprygadas comment, it was not the church that forced volunteering or God or Jesus. It was the people running the school bingo whatever. not God….
  • Jeff Haas Lost and later regained it. November 1984 honduras. Usa was going to medically heal a sick little girl, 5 years old. Honduras said no so they took her to the dying room and she went to God. Regained it later on for God has a plan mo matter how crappy it may seem at the time .
  • Robin Holmes Lowe Bell When my husband died unexpectedly. Served his community as a trooper for 27 years, had a 10 yo daughter. Our priest said my husband was happy and at peace. I said how can he be he lived for us and what selfish god would repay him for serving others and leave his child alone.
  • Mike Woodward 8yrs old in North East pa
  • Chris Chapman There is a big difference between religion and faith.
  • Rick Lange Sr. I refuse to fear an entity that demands I do so, without proving himself to me. I refuse to believe there’s a supreme being, who has a plan for each of us, and demands our fear, yet repays us with such abominable cruelty, like torture, war, Democrats, and child rape, and evil.
  • RevChristopher J Janson I never lost my faith, because I never found my faith. My faith and my God found me when I was lost in sin. God grabbed a hold of me when I was 8 years old, and He has never let me go.
  • Matthew Haley I’m not sure I ever had faith, although i do see the good morals that can be taken from most religion i believe that organized religion as a whole has too much corruption and agendas much like our government.. but the big difference os religion there is just a few bad apples who ruin it where our govt we just need to clean house.
  • Mark Richmond When I realized that a relationship with God through what Jesus accomplished on the cross was the only way to spend eternity in paradise with Him. That it’s not about being a “good person” or doing good deeds or earning my way. Those things are merely how I should love and share God’s greatness with others. Religion is legalistic, relationship is freedom. Very much like liberalism vs. conservatism.
  • Diane Morgan-Muff Never really practiced the religion i was raised in. Only because i was “forced” till 18 years old. When the catholic church had the huge sex scandal, that was it for me. Done. Finished.
  • Katie Weibel I haven’t lost my faith, but I’ve fallen away from organized religion. The so-called rules, regulations, etc., were what drove me away from the Catholic church.
  • Peter Graver Never..I back the Lord Jesus Christ all the way…I should have been dead in Vietnam but I prayed everyday to Lord Jesus Christ…Love You Lord Jesus Christ Mt Savior and King..AMEN
  • Aaron Price Cant say for myself but I know my wife lost it when the she was with kicked her out for not paying her dues when she was in roswell with cancer. you know, fighting for her life.
  • Shelley Saemenes Pellak I didn’t lose my faith, however I challenged it when I became an adult and upon my findings it was confirmed to me. 2 great books that helped was “Know WHY you believe” and “A Case for Christ”. It is highly important to know the whys behind the what!
  • Dave Gustafson How about when the church said “the only way you can communicate with God is thru a priest”?
  • Christy Pollard When my family turned their backs on me for having a child out of wedlock, even though we(my significant other and I) maintained a relationship and just chose not to marry. They thought we were living in sin and placed judgment on us, I felt that the bible said “he who is without sin cast the first stone” applied. They were sinners for judging based on what the religion was teaching them. So I just looked to god for the blessings that he bestowed upon us with the life he gave me to raise. They eventually came around Tom
  • Mark J Weber A lot of WNYers grew up Catholic and then left the church/faith. If you go to The Chapel at CrossPoint on a Sunday morning at 9 or 11, you’ll find literally thousands of people, including many young, college-educated people, who think faith matters in their life.
  • Rachel Wells you are confusing ‘religion’ with ‘faith’ entirely different and important.
  • Laurie Giordano Love Exactly, Dave Gustafson! That is when I left the Catholic church and converted to Protestant, where I have a 1-1 relationship with God. And, Christy Pollard, the same happened to me. I had a child out of wedlock and when it was time for him to go to Kindergarten, I wanted to place him in a Catholic school, but I was told by the school that I chose that I could send him there and I could worship and tithe there but I could not receive the sacraments because I had this child through a sinful relationship. Both of these things turned me away from my faith nearly 30 years ago, but I live a very fulfilling Christian life today and am very thankful to our loving and forgiving God for the gift of His grace. BUT … I do love the new Pope. I think he will certainly make a difference in some of these archaic beliefs.
  • Mary Szanyi Coffey I’m an athiest, I swear to God! Ok, then how about a recovering Catholic? It started going downhill when I asked why we couldn’t have meat on Fridays. The response was “Because I said so”. I finally found out why by a Russian Orthodox parishoner. (I suppose my school thought I was too dumb to understand the concept). Then as I got older and read or watched history on Catholocism, the laws how they changed throughout time, I had enough. I was lied to for 13 years of Catholic education, grade K – 12. I didn’t lose faith, but I lost faith in the Catholic church.
  • Margie Castillo I was in the 5th grade. No one would tell me why we had to do the things they said we had to. Never confirmed. cause they would not tell me why I had to be. My dad told me outside the church that the priest said I had to be confirmed before I was out of high school. I said “Why”, He said “because that is the way it is”‘ I said “NO, when someone can tell me why, I’ll think about it”. I’m just a spiritual being, treating others as I want to be treated. With kindness and respect. I do not do religion. As far a faith, I have lots of that.
  • Barbara Squelch When my ex and I were going to get married he tried to have his first marriage annulled. He’d been divorced several years. He went to the Catholic tribunal downtown, had the interviews and they turned him down but said maybe they could help him out if he’d give them $1000 which was a helluva lot of money in 1978. So we went to a Lutheran church and they were happy to perform the ceremony. The week I married , Taylor Caldwell was married in the Catholic Church for the umpteenth time, so they really are all about the money. I consider myself a very spiritual person and don’t need a church to prove it to anybody.
  • Michael Schroeder I still consider myself a Christian, and except Jesus as my savior. However, I am quite certain that the Bible is a very cooked set of books. Ironically enough, of the thousands of texts the council Nicea had to work with, they picked the 50+ that fit the narrative they wanted to spread anyway. (you know..with this habit in mind, maybe Jesus WAS a liberal afterall). There are dozens of points from the Bible that I just cannot believe to be true. They make no sense given the times.
  • Jeff Allaire It’s crazy that whenever the topic of religion or faith, the Catholic Church 99% of the time comes up. The catholic church has a ton of flaws including baptism for salvation, salvation for the ENTIRE world by knowing of God and being a good person, and Priests being the mediator between us and God, instead of Jesus Christ. Jesus is not just God in a manger but God who shed his blood and took on our personal sins in order to save our souls. This is where the church went wrong and will continue to go wrong. No wonder people are not religious anymore or lost their faith, (not saying this is the only reason) they have put their faith in a church, a Pope, and a bunch of Priests or Ministers who don’t believe that you need a personal relationship with Jesus. I was a Catholic and had faith in God but didn’t have assurance of Heaven because of what “the church” told me. I am now a Born Again, Bible Believing Christian and never been happier or more sure of Heaven and more sure of what Jesus has done for me and for all of you!!
  • John Christensen I find it sad that a lot of the comments so far are blaming the failures of men, failures of churches, or their own tribulations for what made them lose their faith in God. Read the Bible it is full of examples of exactly those three things; this isn’t a new phenomena. Men do evil and fail each other all the time (too many biblical examples to number), churches are or become corrupt (read Paul’s letters to early churches which address these issue), as for hard times try the book of Job, but many others also suffered and Jesus only miraculously healed but a few. God never promised a life devoid of suffering; my infant son died at 3 months of age. I know this reality more than most. I didn’t lose faith, but I chose to do as the Paul instructed in Romans Chapter 5.”Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”Our sufferings pale to those Jesus suffered on the cross for us out of the most powerful love beyond imagining and the sins of man and churches cannot overshadow this gift. Maybe I understand this more than most because I had to make a decision to end my son’s life as he was hooked to a machine, in hopes that he could help but perhaps one other person with tissue and organ donation. To think that our God would make that same decision to forsake his son and himself for our sake is amazingly profound. If any of you has lost your faith I challenge you to read God’s word, it will instill Faith in you again. For faith comes from hearing God’s word.

  • Nicholas Levesque When I was a young lad growing up in Buffalo.
  • Shane Lilienthal Religion ALMOST destroyed my faith .
  • Scott Griffin After four consecutive super bowl’s
  • Shelley Saemenes Pellak Interesting how those who don’t ‘believe’ almost always have this arrogant attitude of being so much more intelligent than those that believe as noted in the posts. I don’t believe, therefore, you are stupid…
  • Nancie Naedele Orticelli Just a quick FYI. Catholics are not christians. They are Catholics. I am a christiian, but not a Catholic. There is a HUGE difference.
  • Diane Bialek Funny you should mention that, Mark J. Webber. A young man who had formerly belonged to “The Chapel” and is now in his second year of seminary spoke at my church last Sunday about why he decided he wanted to be a Catholic priest. The mega churches aren’t for everyone and I found the self righteous attitude of people I knew from your church to be something I’d never want to be part of. It’s all the same God; maybe you have a different view from your high horse but whatever floats your boat.
  • B. David Sylvia The politics of organized religion… As a church leader, I learned how loving and forgiving servants could become judgmental and condemning hypocrites as they deemed fit– especially when it came to the sins of fellow parishioners… These are they who turned their back in the hour of need… NOT leaders who trust and believe in a loving and forgiving God… Instead of building up our brothers in faith, we were tearing them down… There is not a man among us who has done good and never sinned… I left in 2004… I still believe in a Christ-centered, bible-based faith, but have given up on organized religion.
  • Gary J Zanghi A women chasing… drunk priest
    And a Chaplin that told me that God wanted me to kill the yellow godless man
  • Amy Huntz McGuire Catholics are Christians, they believe Jesus died for us. But not all Christians are Catholic.I feel bad that there are so many people who blame the Catholic Church because they were not taught about their religion. There are so many fallen away Catholics because either they were never taught their religion properly or they can not follow the laws of the Church.
    If you are Catholic and start to learn you faith and truly understand it you will find truth and happiness as I have. If you do not agree with the teachings of the Church than there may be a religion that suits you better. The Catholic church is for many not for all. I don’t bash your religion don’t bash mine.
  • Ralph J. Abramo Got sick of being led through life like a rabbit chasing a carrot on a stick. Too many times.Eventually, I just said, more or less, take your stick and shove it.
  • Tim Bromund Don’t think I ever had any to lose. I was raised in a Christian Household, went to Sunday School as a child, went through confirmation as a teenager, mostly because my mother really didn’t give me an option. Never really believed in it, I was just going through the motions, having no choice in the matter. I stopped believing in fairy tales as a child, a long, long time ago, and have seen zero evidence to contradict that position.
  • Steve Price Lpn With the death of my grandparents
  • Doug Cramer When I was around 13 and common sense kicked in. I dont need to fear a frequently misinterpreted book full of silly stories to know how to be a good person. I think for myself.
  • Jean Sigut I was raised catholic, but decided due to many different things (bad priests, my father getting to church late because he was a firemen stuck at a fire and being turned away at the door because of his tardiness, the fact that my sister and my mother were told that they didn’t give enough in their envelopes so the difference would be added to their childrens tuition, child abuse, human corruption, and being told stupid lies for example: unbaptized babies go to limbo!!. I no longer believe in organized religion, and I am now hoping there is a superior being and that we do live after death….but I doubt it.
  • Matthew Cullen when the Sabers lost the cup to the Stars…… or maybe it was when i realized a god would have more important things to do than worry about what i think or do.
  • Matthew Cullen for example, does your boss really care about what you think or worship?
  • Chris Peters I lost my faith when i became old enough to think for myself, and not just accept what i was being spoonfed by others.
  • Deanne Koch Mills I lost my faith the day my daughter died. Somehow I found it again but in a different way, very different, more spiritual than religious I suppose
  • Rick Dombrowski lost religious gained a lot of spiritual faith know now that we all have ability to work with angels , guides and many aspects of spirituality that’s covered up , ignored or even hidden in most religions
  • Erik Mapp I lost my faith when i realized that “God” is not in control evil people are. I have not been proved wrong.
  • Lynda Boddecker Deluca I’m just getting mine now finally
  • Edward Houck Iraq 2004
  • Tricia Fritton I did not loose my faith in my higher power. I lost my faith in the building (church, temple etc). When the pastor of my church of many years and $$$ asked me to attend a different time so my ex husband and his new would be comfortable since she was a Sunday school teacher. Both joined after me and after the divorce. Go figure. I love my higher power and read and study the good book but I don’t need a building for my faith.
  • Margo Tallarico Honestly…it’s a very scary thing to admit.
  • Brian Przybyl When I owned a garden center and was treated like dirt because apparently the church sends out their followers to completely insult you to the point where you are expected to give them everything at cost, without any appreciation whatsoever. I don’t think I answered the question, but I just wanted to make that point !

One thought on “When and why did you lose your faith?”

  1. I’m in my late 60’s and never really had any faith. By the time I was 13 I was a committed Atheist because it just wasn’t something that made any sense.I mean c’mon now, a magic guy who lives in the sky and either punished or rewarded you by how well you kissed it’s butt…really? I’s not that I don’t believe IN God, I don’t believe there is a god.

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