5 Reasons the Roman Empire Fell

Why did the great Roman empire “fall?” Here are five reasons– and consider them in light of what’s going on in America and the world today.

5- Rapid increase in divorce, which undermined the sanctity of the home, the basis of society
4- Spiraling rise in taxes and extravagant spending
3- Mounting craze for pleasure and the brutalization of sports
2- The building of giant armaments and the failure to realize the enemy lies within the gates of the empire, in the moral decay of its people
1- The decay of religion and the fading of faith into mere form, leaving the people without a guide

I would venture to say that America, which used to be the admired leader of the free world, is no longer what it was. It has seemingly fallen…fallen from the heights of strength and love, from goodness and goodwill, from caring kindness to heartlessness and brutality.

Since 1973, America has allowed the murder of more than 50 million babies thanks to the legalization of abortion. All those babies never got to live and grow up and have babies of their own. Did God turn a blind eye to this? No.

Lately it seems all you hear about is gay marriage. For centuries marriage was between a man and a woman, who would then procreate and raise children. Nowadays marriage is out of vogue in general, unless you’re gay, and then it’s the main issue. Meanwhile, most children who grew up in the 1980s experienced what it was like to have divorced parents. And today? Today men abdicate their responsibilities to be present and supportive parents– they “get mine,” aka sex, and then leave the girl to deal with the aftermath of 10 minutes of lust…a sentence/consequence that lasts a lifetime. Single mothers are everywhere. Divorced people are everywhere. Gay people are everywhere. Straight people who are virgins until they’re married are seemingly non-existent. (Yes, they do exist, but I’m making a point here).

What it comes down to is this: people have chosen to turn away from the Lord and selfishness has taken over society. Instead of loving others and serving others, people are more interested in pursuing their own pleasure, accumulating money and stuff, and laughing at the idea of God as a silly fairytale that means nothing.

Welcome to the fall of America everyone. Soon China will take over as the predominant economic superpower of the world. America will continue to decline, with cities going bankrupt, little kids shooting one another in schools, dysfunctional families turning to drugs and alcohol, and the streets becoming a Third World war zone where people are afraid to go outside their own homes. The Bible offers advice on how to get out of this abyss, but few have ears willing to hear and take heed. America has fallen, just like Rome, and the only hope left for you is found not in your country, your government or your family– it’s found in Jesus Christ. Investigate the Book of Revelation to see what God has to say about the end times– it will shock you at first, and then all that’s happening will make sense. Put your faith in Christ before it’s too late. –Mark Weber