Record your music in Buffalo

Professionally record your Christian music in Buffalo at P. Milton Music
Professionally record your Christian music in Buffalo at P. Milton Music

P. Milton Music in the City of Buffalo is a home-based recording studio run by Phil Wright. With over 15 years of experience, Phil says his studio is his ministry to help Christians record their songs at a reasonable rate, with a high-quality product showcasing their efforts.

Phil's drum set
Phil’s drum set

Phil’s house in Buffalo is filled with music instruments, including a full drum set, and several keyboards. He records all styles of music, including Country, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classical, Pop, Rock and Rap. He auditions the people he works with, though, to make sure their music is about Jesus, for Jesus, and for the Body of Christ, so he doesn’t record non-Christians and non-Christian-oriented music.

If you’re a songwriter, singer, or band in Western New York, or beyond, and you’re thinking of recording a CD, Phil can provide you with the complete package, including a nice CD cover, graphics, shrink wrap, and more. Or maybe you want to record a quick demo, just to put the music in your mind into MP3 form to share with friends, family and others. Phil can help you accomplish that, too. He often records bands in-studio, or even at venues where he’ll take his equipment “on-the-road” to you in Western New York or Southern Ontario! It’s not unheard of, these days, for a music producer like Phil to come to your dining room table, set-up his recording equipment, and turn your house into a studio! Yes, that can be done.

Phil is a married father of two, and his wife helps make people feel comfortable when they come to the studio as hostess. His son plays drums well, and his daughter is a capable background singer, should you need one for your recording. A piano player at heart, Phil took piano lessons as a youngster thanks to encouragement from his father. Most of the work done to record artists today is done with a keyboard and computer, and Phil is a master of both. In his spare time, Phil enjoys the music of Joe Sample, Jeff Lorber, Tommy Schuman from Spyro Gyra, Tom Coster (from the group Vital Information), and Thomas Dolby.

If your church or concert needs “sound reinforcement,” Phil can set-up his sound equipment at your event. He has speakers, subwoofers, board processors, mics, keyboards, keyboard amps, and drums to supply your needs.

To connect with Phil Wright of P. Milton Music, call 716-465-3532 and mention that Mark Weber referred you.

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