Daniel Stone, a life well lived

Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone

This past week Western New York lost a great young Christian man, Daniel Stone. Known and loved by many people, including many from Crossroads Church in Elma and The Chapel in Getzville, Daniel loved the Lord, and was the kind of guy willing to help anyone in need.

He passed away unexpectedly, and his “funeral” was a “celebration of life” service in Alden–standing room only–proving he made a strong impact on hundreds of people he encountered, Christian or otherwise. Daniel wrote Christian praise and worship music, sang and played guitar, and was part of the Kingdom Bound talent search at Darien Lake a couple years back. He was also known for appearing at open mic nights around town, sharing his love of music and the Lord with audiences.

You know, you never know when you or someone you love will pass away. It could be tomorrow or years from now, and it’s important to tell those around you whom you love and appreciate that you love and appreciate them. In the end, life is not about the money you have or the possessions you possess, but about the people you loved and those who loved you. People matter.

Here you will see a video showing Daniel’s blessed life, put together by one of his loving sisters.

He could be your son or brother…in the Kingdom of God we’re all connected, so the Stone family’s loss is all of our loss. Daniel gets to be in a better place, now, where the spirit is eternal and united with God. Have you given your life to Christ yet? If not, do it today because you may not have a chance to do it later on down the line, and we never know when it’s our turn to leave this earth…

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