Ken Kopper: The resurrected Christ returns

kenkopperpicThere’s a passage in The Gospel According to Luke that tells of Peter and John going down to a nearby town when a man came upon them. This man heard about some huge news. Peter and John were surprised that this man hadn’t heard about their great leader who had been crucified, buried, and then raised from the dead. Basically they asked the stranger, “Have you been hiding under a rock?”

The stranger began to tell of scriptures that pointed to Jesus being the Son of God, The Savior of all who believe in Him. Peter and John were impressed by this stranger’s knowledge of the scripture.

Peter and John invited the stranger to eat with them. The man broke bread, and offered up a prayer. It was then that Peter and John realized that this stranger was their beloved friend. This man was the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Some people may ask how could you spend three years with The Son of God and not know Him when you see Him?

Let me put it to you like this– sometimes we have a friend that may get a makeover– perhaps a new haircut, new clothing, or maybe they lose weight. Sometimes– even with a new haircut– we might not recognize our good friend.

Now imagine your best friend being whipped, beaten, starved, crowned with thorns, and then nailed to a cross and eventually buried.

You’d feel so distraught that your friend– who had promised to lead the people to a great victory over the kingdoms of the world– had been put to death.

You may not recognize that friend. Then your friend says a prayer and breaks bread with you. Hopefully your eyes would sparkle with love and joy at being reunited with your friend who was wise, gentle, and performed miracles.

Have you lost sight of The Son of God? Are you filled with doubt? Perhaps you don’t understand why your prayers haven’t been answered. Maybe you’re confused as to why the wicked prosper.

Maybe you have neglected the breaking of bread with fellow believers. Has bitterness driven you from attending church services?

Coming together with the family of believers can change lives. Communion is the breaking of bread with your brothers and sisters. It’s a coming together of a community. For Christians it’s a special feast in which Jesus is the guest of honor. We are bound in one baptism and one mission. We are the messengers of God. We are united with one Spirit.

Come let us break bread together and eat the bread of life and drink the water of the eternal spring. Church matters.

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