After cancer made him sterile, Ethan Helm fathered a child

pamwalckpicEthan and Elizabeth Helm of Rochester are the cutest couple, and their story is amazing. Ethan was a missionary in Africa, and he had seriously bad cancer in his bones. Yet, God healed him of Hodgkin’s Stage 4-B! After the healing, Ethan was declared medically sterile, which meant he couldn’t get a woman pregnant. However, God had other plans. Ethan met his wife Elizabeth because they were both blogging on the Internet. They wrote about the Lord, and read each others blogs. They got married and Elizabeth got pregnant a couple of weeks after! Wasn’t he medically sterile? Guess God had other plans.

Things got complicated, though. An ultrasound of the baby’s brain showed there was no corpus callosum. Without that, the baby would have a difficult life, prone to seizures and worse. However, prayers went out across the world for the baby. I prayed for 10 months for the little one. Each subsequent scan of the baby’s brain revealed a more hopeful condition, and get this– when little Josiah Peter Helm was born, his brain was…perfect. If that’s not a great miracle, I don’t know what is. Praise the Lord!

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