Rob Stevens on women priests

RobStevensI was on the radio with Sandy Beach (just after 5pm so the rush hour traffic could hear our extended conversation). The topic was… “Should the Catholic Church permit woman to be ordained to the priesthood and allow them to ultimately be elected Pope?” Here are the points I made in defense of this change to their church tradition:

1- The Wesleyan International Church last year just elected for the first time a woman (Joann Lyons) to head up the entire world-wide denomination and has always recognized the equal gifted-ness woman have (to men), as Godly ministry leaders.

2- Changes in church tradition have been agreed to many times by the Catholic church over centuries…the early church did not practice celibacy and priests were permitted to marry back then…this edict was later changed to ban marriage for them (due to economic reasons).

3- If any listeners doubt that women can be wonderful counselors of the lost and be ministers to the hurting, then have them come this Good Friday (March 29 at 7pm) to First Niagara Center for the WNY Churches gathering of a united worship service. I would not suggest anyone there imply that women protestant pastors are unqualified to preach the word of God or lead their congregations.

Sandy vehemently supported this rule change in the Catholic Church (he is a former member) and time and again during his 3 hour program communicated that women can serve in the role of jet fighter pilots, CEO’s of major corporations, lawyers, doctors as well as wives and mothers. He made the point that in view of the problems the church has had in recent years, perhaps the perspective of women as leaders might bring some healing for past offenses.

Some callers made note of the “Old Boys Network” of the Catholic Church that has been in control for centuries and that they will never permit this change, while other callers made good arguments against the change through their biblical interpretation of apostolic succession.

Praise God that I could not only have the opportunity that my call was answered on the show (and that it was heard at the most popular time during rush hour traffic), but that HE gave me words to articulately offer some valuable information to the thousands in the WNY radio audience…in and out of the Catholic Church.

What do you think of women in positions of leadership in the Catholic and/or Protestant churches? Comment on this post.

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