May 5th is Interview an Atheist Sunday

drewMay 5 has been declared, “Interview an Athiest Sunday,” and I plan on participating, with Lafayette Ave. Presbyterian Church. You can read the whole backstory to the event at their website.

I plan on participating because I think that believers can learn from non-believers, and vice versa. I think that even if we couldn’t Christians would be wise to get better at listening. I don’t think you have the right to speak unless you are willing to listen first.

I’m excited because as soon as I signed up for the event, I was inundated with atheists that wanted to be interviewed. (I am a fantastic evangelist when it comes to making “contacts,” lousy when it comes to “conversions.”)

Speaking of conversions, as much as I would love for these atheists to come to faith in Jesus Christ (and as much as they would like me to embrace reason and reject superstitious religion,) I do not plan on trying to win an argument (or even have an argument) during this event. I plan on modeling respectful conversation and bridge building. I’m doing this because it will be good for the church to hear the stories of those on the “outside.” It could even be good for the atheists to tell their stories, too!

The only question is whether my “church” friends will want to host an atheist, too. There are already many atheists who want to be interviewed!

At the very least, you will get to hear an interview at Buffalo’s Lafayette Church at 10am or 6pm on May 5.

For more posts from Drew Ludwig, visit his blog here.

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