The world we’re living in today

Pressing a button on the key unlocks all of th...
Pressing a button on the key unlocks all of the car doors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember when I was young. The home phone would ring, and I’d have to run to pick it up. It wasn’t mobile. I couldn’t carry it anywhere in the world like a wallet in my pocket.

I remember when the only way to heat up soup was on a stove top, but then came microwaves, and it seemed like America stopped using ovens.

I remember when I had to put a key into my car to open the door, but now I just press a button on my keychain for access.

I remember when people ate whatever they wanted and didn’t count calories.

I remember when everyone smoked in public, everywhere, including plane rides across the country.

I remember when leaders were somewhat trusted and respected, before we all discovered they were pedophiles, perverts, and other things that caused us to lose hope.

My dad tells me he used to go to parties where people chatted, danced, drank soda pop, and that was it. When did going to parties turn into doing drugs and having one night stands?

I remember when men were men. Then women’s lib happened, and that’s not an entirely bad thing, but now you have a couple generations of men who are more feminine than masculine, and quite a few masculine women, and culture is trying to adjust, but it’s not easy. I remember when America thought it was unthinkable that two men should ever “marry” each other, but it seems like today you are in the minority if you don’t support that.

A long time ago, when a teenage girl got pregnant out of wedlock, the community shamed her; now she gets a reality show, fame, money, and attention if she’s lucky, or at least a daycare center for her baby so she can go to school, provided by taxpayers.

I remember when a mom and a dad was the norm, but then it seemed like all my friends’ parents got divorced in the 1980s, and since then, it’s harder to find a married couple than a divorced person. I know a lot of people on their third marriage; this was not a common thing a couple decades ago.

I’ve seen the news on TV about rogue maniacs taking guns into schools, blasting away little kids and teachers as if they were video game targets. I never feared I’d be shot when I went to school, but today, anyone in any school, from pre-K to post-grad, could encounter such a horror.

I thought of all these things after seeing my friend Tranea Prosser’s post on Facebook, which pretty much sums it up:


Our Phones ~ Wireless*
Cooking ~ Fireless*
Cars ~ Keyless*
Food ~ Fatless*
Tires ~ Tubeless*
Dress ~ Sleeveless*
Youth ~ Jobless*
Leaders ~ Shameless*
Relationships ~ Meaningless*
Attitude ~ Careless*
Wives ~ Fearless*
Babies ~ Fatherless*
Feelings ~ Heartless*
Education ~ Valueless*
Children ~ Mannerless*
Everything is becoming LESS but still our hopes are ~ Endless.*
In fact I am ~ Speechless*

We’re living in times when bad is good and good is bad. Now, more than ever, I’m reminded of an old Carman song that says, “Our only hope is Jesus.”

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