Buffalonian Marty Angelo offers two encouraging books

Well known in the Western New York area for his work in rock music and disco television production back in  the mid 60’s through 1980, former Buffaloian Marty Angelo has written two books you should know about: “Once Life Matters,” which chronicles his wild rock-n-roll lifestyle, partying with John Lennon, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, followed by his run-ins with the law, and his Christian conversion story, and “Vision of New Jerusalem: Now,” which is an in-depth study of the relationship of the kingdom of God, the Church and the New Jerusalem. Both books seek to steer people out of troublesome situations, experience inner peace, and live a victorious, overcoming life. The books are available from Angelo’s website as paperbacks or Kindle editions.

Angelo has a long history within the Buffalo New York music community when he first managed the Buffalo based band Raven, the popular Columbia Records recording artists Tony Galla, Jimmy Calire, Gary Mallaber and the late Tommy Calandra and John Weitz.

visionofjerusalemAngelo was also the personal manager for the Top 40 recording artists Rob Grill and The Grass Roots. He also produced an all-disco radio show on WNIA AM Radio (WECK) in the mid-70s as well as producing, creating and writing the WBEN TV (WIVB) Saturday afternoon TV dance show Disco Step-by-Step featuring Kevin O’Connell as host.  Angelo worked as a club DJ extensively at Buffalo’s top nightspots such as Mulligans, Mr. Goodbar, Club 747, Casey’s Nickelodeon, and many others.

Angelo is credited with convincing then Allentown Mulligans Brick Bar owners Mike Militello and Kevin Kell back in the late-60s to replace their jukebox with a disc jockey and sound system. This was a first in Buffalo and the idea quickly revolutionized the Western New York club scene.

Marty Angelo founded the Hustle Dancers Hall of Fame, the Disco DJ Hall of Fame and the official Disco Dance Music Hall of Fame which were all donated to the Library of Congress in 2005.

Angelo’s dance TV show was exhibited in 2004-05 at the Experience Music Project’s ‘Disco: A Decade of Saturday Nights.’ He was also the associate producer of the VH1 television special ‘When Disco Ruled the World,’ the PBS television special ‘My Music: Get Down Tonight – the Disco Explosion’ and the disco documentary entitled, ‘Disco: Spinning the Story.’ Angelo also was a special VIP honored guest at the 25 year anniversary celebration of the release of Paramount Pictures disco meg-hit, ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ which he heavily promoted prior to its release in 1977. Angelo’s television show was also featured on CBS’ “Sunday Mornings.”

There was a huge price to pay for the party life Angelo experienced and in 1980 he was arrested for possession of cocaine in Miami, Florida.  Angelo turned his life around through this experience when he had an electrifying Christian conversion experience in a farmhouse in a Buffalo suburb.  Angelo went into full-time Christian ministry after serving time in a federal prison. He worked for over 25 years with nationally known ministries such as Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship and Teen Challenge as well as in Florida for the Ft. Lauderdale Rescue Tabernacle (Faith Farm) and the Drug Abuse Foundation of Palm Beach County.

For the last few years, Angelo has ministered nationwide out of Los Angeles in prisons, drug rehabs and with various troubled celebrities.

Angelo has appeared on numerous radio and television programs such as Canada’s ‘100 Huntley Street’, CBN ‘The 700 Club’ TV Show, CBS – ‘Sunday Morning’ TV Show, CNN’s TruTv – ‘In Session’, Daystar’s ‘Celebration’ TV Show, ‘I’m Just Sayin’ TV Show, Larry King, MTV, Trinity Broadcasting’s ‘Praise the Lord’ TV Show, VH1 , WDCX and others.

For more information please see MartyAngelo.com. If you’d like to purchase his books, click here.

See Marty’s story on The 700 Club:

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