Daylight Savings Time in Toronto

Time change at the start of Daylight Saving Ti...
Time change at the start of Daylight Saving Time Nederlands: Tijdsverandering aan het begin van de zomertijd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early Sunday morning we lose an hour.  We do what no one beyond the age of thirty would ever want to do with all their wits about them.  We advance the clock.   Yes, it is that time again.   At 2 a.m. on Sunday we move the clocks ahead by one hour and enter into Daylight Saving Time.

We think of the advantage DST affords for longer evenings of recreation and leisure, but when DST was first proposed in the late 19th century it was to keep the population from sleeping through so many hours of daylight at the other end of the day.   A century earlier, Benjamin Franklin, who gave us the proverb about early to bed and early to rise, proposed that church bells be rung and cannons be fired at the dawn’s early light to awaken sleepers to the opportunities to become healthy, wealthy and wise.  So, don’t blame him for advancing time.  His idea was to simply wake up.

Of course there have always been golfers to enjoy the late tee off times DST affords, but the primary purpose of DST was to prevent wasted hours of daylight and the opportunity they offered for work and industry in the early morning.  It was seen as a way to keep the sun down for one hour longer because it was clear not enough people were going to get up with the rising of the sun and seize the day.

So think of this post as the ringing of the church bell reminding you that while DST does appear to keep the sun down for an hour longer each morning, worship this Sunday will seem to be starting an hour early for those who forget to advance their clocks and watches.

And this Sunday you will want to be on time because we have the privilege of welcoming the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Honourable David C. Onley, and members of the Royal Commonwealth Society to our worship for the reading of the Queen’s annual Commonwealth Day Speech by His Honour.

No, the Queen won’t be here in person, but the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, will be present and the true wonder of the day will be hearing his Word and allowing his Spirit to seize our hearts that we might truly seize the day.  There is so much happening in the weeks ahead to help awaken to the true rising of the Son of God at Easter.

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