Sermonette: Christian take on loneliness

Loneliness (Photo credit: .aditya.)

Loneliness seems to be a problem that never goes away, whether you’re Christian or not. You won’t eliminate loneliness until you’re no longer in a broken world, but you can make it easier or more difficult based on your response to relationships.

Loneliness is the feeling that comes from a real or perceived detachment from significant relationship. Remember that God created everything, including relationships. Sinful choices create alienation from God and from others. Being along does not cause loneliness; being detached from significant relationships does.

Sin – I make wrong choices

Guilt – I am ashamed of these choices

Hide – I am afraid of rejection

Distrust – Guilt makes me not trust you

Alienation – Distrust causes me to distance myself

Loneliness – Feeling generated by alienation

Loneliness is a universal experience, and even married people feel it sometimes. The intensity, duration and experience is different for everybody.

The solution to the loneliness we experience in the world is and always will be Christ, the one constant we all have. Think about it– every single one of your friends and family will, at sometime, not be there for you. But Christ is always there for you– He is your comforter, your friend and your hope.

One more thing: you can reduce your own loneliness by reducing the loneliness of others. Connection with others is key.

Thanks to Pastor Deone Drake from The Chapel at CrossPoint for the information for this posting on Buffalo Christian.