Get to know more about Buffalo NY area pastors here

Buffalo Christian realizes that you probably go to just one church, and don’t often get to see other church congregations in action. That said, Buffalo NY is home to many preachers, pastors, priests and reverends. This post will give you brief glimpses into who some of them are.

Jerry Gillis pastors The Chapel at CrossPoint. He is married with two sons and has a BA from the Univ. of Georgia, along with a M.Div. from New Orleans Seminary and a D.Min. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He enjoys watching college football, running, coaching his boys in baseball, and eating dinner together with his family at the table.

Dr. Ronald V. Burgio pastors Love Joy Gospel Church in Lancaster. He is also the President of Elim Fellowship, an association of nine hundred pastors, ministers, missionaries, and two hundred affiliated churches. An alumnus of Elim Bible Institute and graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College, Burgio is ordained through Elim Fellowship and has a Doctorate of Ministry from the School of Bible Theology.

Fr. Pat Keleher pastors the Newman Center at the University at Buffalo, serving the needs of university students and teachers on the UB North Campus in Amherst. Known for his easy-going, friendly manner, Fr. Pat helps people clarify their values while exploring the options college brings, along with getting people to understand more about faith in Christ through education, reflection and discussion.

Roderick L. Hennings pastors Zion Dominion Global Ministries, which meets in Amherst in the building that used to house The Chapel. His church started with 20 people and now numbers more than 5,000. Zion Dominion is the first church in the Buffalo area to have a little league football team in the Pop Warner organization.

Rev. Robert M. Yetter pastors St. Mary’s Swormville and says, “2013 gives us another year of God’s grace to grow in the love of God and each other among our families and friends. We have been blessed with the expansion of the parish from 1,600 families in 1995 to 2,550 families today.”

Tommy Reid pastors The Tabernacle in Orchard Park. He is considered the dean/Bishop/grandfather of pastors in the Buffalo area when it comes to Protestants. You see him on TV often, hosting “Ask The Pastor” and other shows on the TCT Network.

Marty Macdonald pastors City Church in Batavia, just outside of Buffalo NY. City Church took an old movie theatre on downtown Batavia’s Main Street, and turned it into the place to be in Batavia for more than a decade. About 800-1,000 people attend weekly, and Pastor Marty is active in prison ministry, among many other things. Pastor Marty and his wife Patti have three sons, two beautiful daughter-in-laws, and 5 grandchildren.