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Parkside Lutheran in Buffalo


Parkside Lutheran is experiencing new life in Buffalo under the leadership of 28-year-old Pastor Nate Preisinger. He and the congregation are more open than ever to connecting with the people around the area– thru having them utilize space in the building, as well as going to area homes and organizations to do service projects to help those in need.

Located at Linden and Wallace in North Buffalo, Parkside Lutheran has been around for decades. Pastor Nate is married with two little kids, so he brings a youthful, family-oriented feel to the church and community. Indeed, the church is attracting young families nowadays.

If you’re old school Lutheran, go on Sunday morning for the organ music and liturgy. If you’re a hippie or a hipster and/or consider yourself spiritual, then go Thursday nights for the non-traditional service where people actually talk with one another and visual elements are incorporated into the conversational sermons.

Nice to see an old building with young leadership, new attendees, and the potential to become a community-oriented asset in North Buffalo!



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Pianos in Public around Buffalo New York

Pianos in Public around Buffalo New York this summer? Yes, please.


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New North Tonawanda church to offer free oil change for single moms


Are you a single mom living in North Tonawanda? Does your car or truck need an oil change? How’s this for a unique way to “open a church…”

Renewal Church is giving single moms a free oil change on Saturday, April 5th, 9am to Noon, at 530 Meadow Drive in North Tonawanda. There are 35 slots and you need to call and pre-register so they know you’re coming: 716-245-4497.

On Sunday, April 6th, at 6pm, Renewal Church will hold its first regular Sunday gathering at 530 Meadow Drive, with the idea “ReDiscover FAITH, ReNew HOPE and ReAwaken LOVE” as its driving force. You can wear whatever you’d like to this church. You can be any age, any background, etc.

“Renewal Church is a place where God meets seeking people who are far from perfect. That means anyone is welcome, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey,” says  pastor Milo Wilson.

Pastor Milo Wilson and his family

Pastor Milo Wilson and his family

Renewal Church is also a place for people to come with their real hurts, real needs and real problems, and find a God who understands and loves them. Wilson speaks from his own experience. Three years ago, he and his wife walked through the loss of their 8 month old son, who died of a rare heart defect called HLHS.  Of that time, he writes, “… we asked God the tough questions. ‘Why me?  Why do you let this happen to our family?  Why don’t you pick on someone else instead?’ I believe God is big enough to handle life’s hardest times. Renewal Church is a safe place to come and struggle; to stumble toward His open arms.”

Though it meets in an existing church building, Renewal Church doesn’t look or feel like a traditional church. It features the “ReFuel Cafe” in its foyer which serves varieties of brewed coffee and other hot drinks, and provides various finger foods and treats. Sunday evening worship gatherings include contemporary worship music with a full band, and a message from the Bible from Wilson or, at times, from one of the other members of the pastoral staff.  Child care and kids ministry is standard fare as well at these gatherings. The church also has a full youth program during the week, and church members will soon be meeting regularly during the week in small home group settings called Community Groups to study the Bible and share life together. These Community Groups are central to the life of the church. In Wilson’s words, they are based on the church’s belief that “real life transformation on the personal level best takes place in an environment of authentic community with others.”

Renewal church is all about service to others, especially to those in the North Tonawanda community. Last fall, for example, Renewal held what it called the “Big Give-Away” where the church gave away a host of items from the church facility to all who came. Held on a sunny Saturday, the event saw several hundred people arrive to have some coffee and donuts, and then look over and take home a huge variety of items large and small and every size in between. The April 5 “Single Moms Oil Change” is another example. More events and programs are already in the planning stages for the summer months and beyond.
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That Is What You Do song by Buffalo songwriter

“That Is What You Do” is the latest song from Darryl Whitcomb, a praise & worship leader out of Buffalo, New York. The song is a “synopsis of the realization of knowing that through it all God is always there.”

Although Whitcomb was raised in a Christian home, his childhood led to a series of dark experiences, disappointments and difficult circumstances. Whitcomb’s music is inspired by his faith and learning that God’s sovereignty pulled him through struggles and challenges. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, Whitcomb has been able to lean on God’s promises and use his talent to create music that connects with many people.

“That Is What You Do” is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.

Want to see Pianos in Public Buffalo? Click here.


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God’s Not Dead movie

godsnotdead This movie is phenomenal.

Finally… Hollywood producers have discovered good wholesome faith-based movies can be made and actually sell BIG TIME.

This movie has intrigue, suspense, humor and action. It will make you laugh and cry, as well as wonder and contemplate “what if there is a God” if you don’t believe OR  ask yourself “what evidence do I display that I am a Christian?” OR “is my own testimony something to tell the world of nonbelievers?” And if not now…then when?

The task becomes what do we as Christians do with the message? Do we keep the light under a bushel or follow Matthew 28:18-20 and…”go forth and make disciples in all nations?”

Absolutely see this movie.

It has the perfect message for Easter…God’s Not Dead…He is risen and alive in us today. –Rob Stevens

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