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Blackwood Brothers concert at The Chapel Buffalo

Blackwood Brothers Buffalo concert

Blackwood Brothers Buffalo concert

Do you like four part harmony singing? The Blackwood Brothers will be in concert in the Buffalo area at The Chapel at CrossPoint on Nov. 6, 2014. –Mark Weber

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Toronto Breakthrough With Prayer Event

toronto toronto2

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Landies Candies founder to speak in Buffalo this October

Larry Szrama – CEO & Founder, Landies Candies will speak at UNITE NY’s faith and work speaker series this coming October.

Designed for business, ministry and church leaders to network, connect and advance the Gospel in New York and beyond, the event is set for October 8 at 9am at Roberts Wesleyan College’s Buffalo campus at 6500 Sheridan Drive, Suite 107, in Williamsville.

The event is free for members of UNITE NY or $25 for non-members. Register at www.uniteny.org or by calling 716-809-0496. The event is sponsored in part by John Cammarano Financial Services at Alliance Advisory Group.

“Reaching our region with the Gospel has always been our mission, now we’re taking it one step further with the expansion of UNITE NY, a Christian development organization acting as a regional chamber of commerce for ministries, businesses and churches who feel the same as we do: NY is ripe for the harvest,” says Kyle Patterson, Chairman of UNITE NY.

UNITE NY has put this service together to get the Christian community talking and working towards change in our cities. If Christians do business with other Christians, and churches and ministries respond, UNITE believes true progress can be made in saturating our area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making NY and its cities some of the most Bible-minded in America.

Numerous ministries, businesses and churches have already responded since UNITE introduced the services two weeks ago including John Cammarano of Alliance Advisory Group, Donna Visone of Realty USA, and Attorney Denis Kitchen. To see the full listing visit: www.uniteny.org/business.

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Buffalo helps Kenya through Kawelle

In America, we have access to so much. We can walk into any number of stores and buy clothes, computers, fresh food and more. Compared to other parts of the world, we are rich– very rich. Think about it this way: millions of Americans dumped ice water on their head for the ice bucket challenge recently, while there are literally people dying from a lack of clean, drinkable water in many places.

I first met Dan Corrigan at a party in West Seneca. We played a game of volleyball and he was enthusiastic about it. His “everyday enthusiasm” for life was undeniable. I’m glad I became his friend.

Dan was your typical suburban guy in his twenties, with a twist. For some reason, unlike many of his contemporaries, he had a heart to empower the less fortunate. And he did something major: he gave up his comfortable suburban American life to move to Kenya, where he and his wife would/do serve the people by not just giving them things, but empowering them through “Kawelle.”

As an educator, Dan read a book called “Three Cups of Tea” which helped inspired him to set up places of learning in Africa. His wife, a dental hygienist, had done dental missionary work in Liberia and told him about their need for schools. Together they came up with the name “Kawelle,” which means “known as love” in Kpelle, a Liberian tribal language.

“Because in a broken world, people meet God through love” is the quote you’ll find on Kawelle’s website. Dan, his wife, and numerous volunteers have helped bring good things to Africa.

IT center & school in the rural village of Vumilia in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.

IT center & school in the rural village of Vumilia in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.

Perhaps the most recognizable thing that people with money from Buffalo helped build in Kenya is the “IT Center.” There, in a rural village, people can go inside a nice, new building and learn to use computers, the Internet, and other things to help them compete in our digital world. No longer do they have to travel hours just to have access to the Internet/the world.

It’s an amazing thing what someone with a clearly defined mission can accomplish. Dan had an idea and followed through. He put all his time, talent, money and energy into making life better for people– God’s love in action, you know?

To see photos and learn more about Kawelle, visit the website here.

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship News

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship may sound like a sports group, but it’s not. It’s basically a group on college campuses where people of different denominations and backgrounds come together for weekly Bible studies, sermons, praise and worship and fun times of Christian fellowship. “IV” is awesome. But it’s also Christian, which means colleges are getting nervous about it. You see, IV wants its leaders to be Christian and to subscribe to certain ideals that may exclude some people from holding leadership positions.

IV was recently “derecognized” by California State University schools. That means that at 23 Cali campuses, IV is no longer recognized as a campus organization. It doesn’t mean IV can’t meet on campus or “be Christian.” It just means the college powers-that-be aren’t going to give IV the benefits other groups get– you can read all about it here.

IV in New York and New Jersey often face similar problems, whereas the powers-that-be threaten to or actually do “derecognize” them. It’s a tough time to stand up for the name of Christ in the days where bad is good and good is bad.

Anyway, Nate Schutt, sends word that lots of GOOD things are happening thru IV chapters in our region…from an email, here’s his recent report:

Please join us today in praying for our bold witness and changed hearts in these areas:

At UB: Ellicott Dorm Complex is one of the largest individual complexes in the entire country, yet we are having trouble starting a single small group there this year (a problem we’ve had there for several years). Tonight some of us will be going around Ellicott handing out small welcome packages in the Freshmen dorms and inviting students to get involved with our witnessing community on campus. Please pray for bold witness and changed hearts, and for the Lord to lead us to the right people.

Elsewhere in the region:

  • University of Rochester: Meeting with two students who are looking to host a small group in their dorm community. We’ll be doing some prayer walking and spying out the land; pray that we encounter the people God has for us.
  • Fredonia:  Faking It Proxe Station (round 2) to share the gospel while encouraging students to be real with themselves, others, and God. All Large Groups and Small groups for the first month will be focused around Faking it! Boldness in inviting people to say yes to Jesus and good traffic to make connections during the proxe station. Goal of 100 contacts between the three days and for some of the new students to help run the proxe.
  • NYU AACF: Pray for club fest at NYU today where 300+ groups will be present. Pray for AACF students to invite boldly and to unashamedly invite peers to join God’s work on campus. We aim to meet 170+ students today.
  • Binghamton: First Small Groups. Pray that lots of new students from NSO would come. Pray that all small groups would be grounded in the mission to invite others to know Jesus. Pray for the leaders.
  • Manhattan School of Music and Juilliard – Small groups start this week. Pray that leader would create strong community and new students would prioritize small group throughout the semester.
  • Cooper Union Proxy Station! Cooper students are opinionated, but curious. Pray that God will use this space to open up more conversations about Jesus, and that He will help us point students to the right small groups, GIGs, and social justice events where they can learn and experience more.
  • Lehman: Pray for student leaders to meet 50 new students today at the club fair. Pray particularly that we’d meet influential student leaders who want to join the core team.
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